Alex is my oldest friend, we go all the way back to primary school. She is an amazing woman – smart, strong and kind-hearted. I truly admire her strength of character and I miss her a lot! Alex lives in Sydney with her American Staffy X, Delilah, who she rescued from certain death and has been rehabilitating (with surgeries, training camps and above all else, love) to give her the life she deserves.

Last time I was in Sydney, I organised a pet portrait session with Alex and Delilah. I really wanted to capture the bond between them, but didn’t want to give myself or my subjects too many unnecessary restrictions, so we kept it simple. I had so much fun running around in the park with both of them and I think I was able to capture the care-free atmosphere of the afternoon.

I chose to use my Canon EOS 3000 with 24-70mm f/2.8 lens for this shoot because it handles exactly like my digital SLR, the combination is very lightweight and has intuitive auto-focus, therefore instead of worrying about nailing the focus, I can pay more attention to my moving subject.

I’m looking forward to organising more pet portrait sessions in the future.

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