I’m a Brisbane-based fine art photographer living and working on Yuggera and Turrbal land.

I acknowledge the Yuggera and Turrbal Elders of the past and present in Meanjin, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples continuing connection to Country and their stories told through traditional and contemporary arts practise.

Hi 👋 I’m Libby,

My passion is photographing the world as it is, embracing imperfections and celebrating natural beauty. I don’t use digital filters, everything you see is a result of using vintage lenses and film.

I started Elderflower Ephemera because I wanted to share my unique photographic vision and I want to help you tell your authentic story through collaboration and artistic experimentation.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Photography from the Queensland College of Art in 2010 and from then to 2016 I only shot digital. During this time I found I was spending less time behind a camera and more time in front of a computer. In 2017 I took my hand-me-down 35mm SLR travelling through Seoul and Tokyo and it brought me so much joy. Once I returned home, I began experimenting with my large collection of vintage film cameras.

That’s when I realised what had been missing. I missed the experience of trying different cameras, learning about how they work, about their own special quirks that made them all individual. Experimenting with different formats, different lenses, different film resulted in joyous and exciting image-making. The experience was so unlike digital, where everything just felt the same.

Brand photography is about more than a squeaky clean and perfected headshot. I choose the perfect combination of film and camera to tell your unique story.


the flower of the elder, used to make wines, cordials, and other drinks.


things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.



Collaboration is about more than just people working together. For me, it’s about a true connection between myself and my client. It’s easy because we share the same values. When I get to know you and your personality it’s as simple as capturing it on film.


The magic of my photography is all about the photochemical reaction. Experimentation isn’t about leaving things to chance (although that is fun too), it’s about understanding your desired aesthetic and making informed artistic choices. It can range from simply using an old camera to souping film in washing detergent!


As a commercial photographer I am constantly pushing against the pressure to produce perfected photographs. I can’t help but find these images boring – give me character and imperfections any day! Not only is it my favourite way to photograph you, it’s your secret weapon to connecting with your audience. Truth builds trust.

Wanna see what I’ve been working on lately?


My pink Kitchenaid is my pride and joy, let me bake you a cake.

Roll for initiative! I’m currently playing D&D in two different campaigns, my characters are a Water Genasi Monk and a Vedalken Artificer.

I love eating and cooking Korean food. My current favourites are homestyle doenjang jjigae and manduguk.

New stationary always seems to find its way into my life. I love journaling, drawing, watercolour, stamping, the list goes on.

I own far too many jumpsuits for someone that lives in Brisbane.

I sew simple linen staples for my wardrobe.

Let’s do this!